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Research Areas of Interest


Empirical Operations Management

Behavioral Operations

Socially Responsible Operations

Sustainable Operations


1. Don’t Fake It If You Can’t Make It: Driver Misconduct in Last-Mile Delivery (2024)

Forthcoming, Management Science. Arora S, Choudhary V, Kireyev P.  

  • First Runner-up, CSOM Best Student Paper, POMS 2024

Working Paper and Work in Progress

2. Unraveling the Implications of Silent Labor Time (SLT) in the Gig Economy

Under review at Management Science. Arora S., Choudhary V., Hasija S., Gorban I., Turki S., Shekhani A.

  • Winner, Best Paper Award (Student), Singapore Rising Scholar Conference 2024

3. Barriers and Bridges: Facilitating Doctors’ Adherence to Practice Guidelines 

NDA completed and IRB approved (Analysis in progress). Arora S, Freeman M.

4. Leveraging Internal Carbon Pricing in Shaping Sustainable Business Choices by Managers

NDA completed (Data collection in progress). Arora S, Atasu A, Van Wassenhove, L.N.

Other Publications

5. Adaptive Selection of Cryptographic Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks using Evolutionary Game Theory. Arora S, Singh P, Gupta AJ (2016). Procedia Computer Science 78:358–366. 

6. Performance Comparison of Executing Fast Transactions in Bitcoin Network Using Verifiable Code Execution. Singh P, Chandavarkar BR, Arora S, Agrawal N (2013). 2nd International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking and Security. (IEEE, Mangalore), 193–198. 

Screenshot 2024-05-25 at 10.09.58 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-05-25 at 10.09.58 PM.png

I am passionate about studying the interplay between behavior, process design, incentives, and technology and its impact on system performance. Even as we move toward an increasingly automated world, the nuances of human behavior often dictate the success or failure of operational systems. By focusing on these nuances, my work aims to provide a more grounded and enriched understanding of making operations more efficient, equitable, and humane.

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