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"Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change" - William Arthur Ward


Areas of Interest

Empirical Operations Management

Behavioral Operations

Business Analytics

Data Science for Business

Teaching Experience

Jan - Feb 2023


Data Science for Business (DSB) Tutorials

  • MBA Elective Course (Faculty: Spyros Zoumpoulis and Anton Ovchinnikov)

  • Topics covered: Analytics techniques (time-series modeling, generalized linear models, random forests, clustering, and neural networks), business applications, and R programming

Nov - Dec 2021

Production and Operations Management (POM) Tutorials


  • MBA Core Course (Faculty: Enver Yucesan)

  • Topics covered: Queuing and newsvendor model

Apr - June 2024

Teaching Assistant
INSEAD & Philippines

Executive Development Program

  • Customized Executive Programme (Faculty: Sameer Hasija)

  • Phoenix Encounter, Blue Ocean, fintech, behavioral finance, sustainability

Jan - Feb 2023

Teaching Assistant

Business Sustainability Thinking

  • MBA Elective Course (Faculty: Atalay Atasu) 

  • Topic covered: Operationalizing a sustainability strategy within organisations

2020 - 2021


PhD Teaching Preparation Program

  • Organized by the Initiative for Learning Innovation and Teaching Excellence.

  • Prepared PhD students with fundamentals in learning design anchored in key learning theories and proven teaching practices, in order to master a demanding classroom environment.

Student Testimonials

"Patience  and ability to explain complicated concepts in a simple manner".

"Srishti cares a lot for her students and has been very patient with our shortcomings (i.e., our inability to code or understand technical details). Without her, we would not have survived this class".

"She did an amazing job in explaining difficult problems with clear flow and explanations".

Screenshot 2024-05-25 at 10.13.57 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-05-25 at 10.13.57 PM.png

My Teaching Philosophy:

The role of an educator is to serve as an enabler of change. Through my industry-focused research, I aim to empower future managers with the analytical acumen and strategic thinking necessary to navigate complex business challenges and drive meaningful change in practice.

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